Melissa Sparrow is a Psychic Medium, Acashic Record Reader and Shamanic Energy Healer

Melissa Sparrow is a Psychic Medium, Acashic Record Reader and Shamanic Energy Healer – and the guest on today’s LA MASKEN FALLE – LET THE MASK FALL show.


-It was such a pleasure to talk to Melissa about her radical and very exiting awakening, starting just before covid when she found herself in a dark place. ❤️‍🩹

💚In this episode, Melissa not only shares how she started remembering psychic gifts and abilities from previous life times.

💚Also, to illustrate what kind of information that may come through during an Acashic record reading, I chose to share details from my own very first Acashic reading provided by Melissa herself in October 2023; we thus talk about how deceased loved ones may validate generational trauma, or how deceased perpetrators may validate the pain we felt back then…💔❤️‍🩹

💚An Acashic reading, in other words, can be very healing, and help us solve issues that may otherwise create stress in our bodies if we continue to doubt our own truth. The episode closes with a deeply healing light language activation.

💚For more information about Melissa, take a look at Instagram at @melissasparrowhealing. For more information about her services, please see ⁠ where you can book session for house clearing, medical healing, shamanic energy healing, acashic readings and more, and where you also find her courses, webinars, light language meditations, and information about mentorship.

Link to the podcast episode:

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